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A one hundred year history of the Afifi Temple, headquartered in Tacoma, Washington. The word Afifi is defined as "a characteristic of a woman who is virtuous and refrains from anything crude or vulgar".

Afifi Shriners, founded in 1888, was one of the first Shrine Centers to be established in the Pacific Northwest. On Monday, September 17, 1888, the fraters named in the petition met at the Tacoma

Hotel. On the following night Afifi Temple met in the Masonic Hall in Tacoma. Illustrious Sir Gault occupied the Chair as Potentate and presided over the election of Nobles to serve on the Divan. Noble William J. Meade was elected Recorder. Nine Novices were present and received the secret work. The initiation fee was set at thirty-five dollars which included a fez.

The purpose of the Shrine is to have fun and support the Shrine Hospitals. The Shrine Organization is international, with centers in Canada, Mexico, Republic of Panama and the United States. There are 191 Shrine centers (chapters) with approximately 350,000 members. Although the Shriners are an all male fraternity we proudly include our Ladies in all that we do.

Afifi Shriners Events 4/2016

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Having Fun-Helping Kids

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Afifi Shriners

Shriners Hospital - Portland

There are 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children providing care for orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate. These hospitals have helped more than one million children — regardless of a families' ability to pay. --since the first Shriners Hospital for Children opened in Shreveport, LA in 1922.

Shriners Hospital Portland

We are very fortunate to have one of the Shriners hospitals located in Portland, Oregon. In 1924, the original Shriners Hospital opened in Portland, Oregon at NE 82nd Avenue and Sandy Boulevard.

Eventually, it was decided to build a new facility within the Oregon Health Sciences medical complex, overlooking the downtown area from the West Hills, at a capital investment of over $25 million. The Portland Hospital specializes in orthopedic treatment and surgery, includes a Research Center and is also a teaching facility. In 2010, an $85 million expansion of the Portland Hospital was dedicated, and is in use today.

Since that time, for over almost 95 years, more than a million children with orthopedic problems, burns and spinal cord injuries have been treated up to their 18th birthday, in a network of 22 hospitals providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research, and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals.

Shriners Hospital logo

In 2014, we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Shriners Hospital in Portland.

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Our Shrine Center

Afifi Shrine Center

The Afifi Shrine Center is available for rent. We have a prestigious location, with ample free parking only minutes from downtown Tacoma.

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Be a Shriner Now

Be A Shriner Now community service

When you become a Shriner, you become part of a brotherhood of men committed to family, engaged in ongoing personal growth, and providing care for children and families in need. While our backgrounds and interests may be diverse, what binds us together are shared values and a desire to have fun, do good and build bonds that last a lifetime.

Shriners come from all walks of life
We are plumbers and professionals, salesmen and CEOs.
We are fathers, uncles, and sons.
We are also brothers.

If you hold the title of Master Mason in Freemasonry, you qualify and are invited to join the Shriners. In order to become a Shriner you must ask a current Shriner to support and sponsor your application.

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The Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine was founded in 1872 by a group of 13 men belonging to the Masonic Order. It was originally established to provide fun and fellowship for its members.

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