Afifi Shriners Tacoma, Washington

Afifi Shrine Center

815 S. Vassault Street
Tacoma, WA 98465

Phone: 253-565-2055
Fax: 253-565-3580

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q I have a child or know of a child who would benefit from the care provided by the Shriners Hospitals. What do I do to get help?
A Just ask any Shriner how to get help. If you do not know a Shriner just call our Shrine Center at 253-565-2055 or fill out our online information request form. You could even ask your family physician. Most doctors in the United States know of the Shriners Hospitals or have referred cases to us that they could not handle.
Q What if can't afford specialized care for my child or the cost of getting there to be seen. What am I to do?
A The Shriners Hospitals provide all of this care regardless of the patients’ ability to pay. We will also help you and your child get to where your child would best benefit from our specialized care.
Q This all sounds nice so how do I become a Shriner and help kids?
A Just ask any Shriner. They would be more than happy to help you become one.
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Q I do not know any Shriners. How can I find one?
A Just Give us a call. Our phone number is: 253-565-2055 or you can use our online information request form.
Q Does it cost anything to become one?
A As with any fraternal organization or club, there is a fee to join and there are yearly dues and fees for various functions. Just call us and we would be happy to tell you what the various fees and annual dues are.
Q What sort of time commitment is expected?
A You can do as much or little as you want. We think that once you become a Shriner you will come to appreciate the overall wonderful feeling and satisfaction of helping the children and community that you will want to do more.
Q What else do Shriners do besides help the kids?
A Shriners do more than just wear a Fez and help kids. We have a yacht club, motorcycle club, camping clubs, bag pipe and drum units, clown units, annual Shriner sponsored trips to various countries. This is just a few of the various things that we have to offer our members
Q I am not interested in becoming a Shriner just yet, but I would like to help out somehow. What can I do?
A The Shriners are always looking for people to volunteer to help out with the various projects that we do. We are also on the lookout for individuals who are willing to donate their time and or skills to help out the Shriners Hospitals. You can make donations of goods and money if you would like to. There have been people in the past who named the Shriners Hospitals as the sole recipients of their estates when the pass away. Just give us a call or fill out the online information request form and we would be happy to help you out.
Q I have been told that the Shriners are a cult or some type of secret society. Is this true?
A If we were a cult or secret society do you really think we would be as public as we are? Shriners are one of the older and more recognizable fraternal organizations world wide. We donate millions of dollars each year to helping out the children. We also fund valuable research and development of cures and treatments for diseases that affect kids.
Q I do not believe in Jesus Christ can I still become a Shriner?
A Yes you can. As long as you believe in a God, or some sort of Supreme Being you can join the Shriners. We do not allow people who do not believe in a God, some sort of Supreme Being, or atheists. These are the same requirements for becoming a Mason.
Q I have questions on a subject not listed here. How do I get them answered?
A As stated before, just call us at 253-565-2055 or use our online information request form and we will do our best to help you out.
Q Is it possible to hold a large party or a reception (like a wedding reception) in your building.
A YES!, We would love to have your event in our building. Just call us at 253-565-2055 or use our online information request form and we try to help you as best we can.