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Afifi Shrine History

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A one hundred year history of the Afifi Temple, headquartered in Tacoma, Washington. The word Afifi is defined as "a characteristic of a woman who is virtuous and refrains from anything crude or vulgar".

On July 25, 1888 a petition for the establishment of the Afifi Temple was signed and forwarded to Imperial Sir Sam Briggs, Potentate for the United States and Canada. This petition was signed by the following Nobles: W. J. Thompson of Islam Temple, San Francisco; S. C. Milligan of Abdallah Temple, Leavenworth, Kansas; and by F. B. Gault of El Jebel Temple, Denver, Colorado. All of the above were living in Tacoma.

The petition was also signed by the following Sir Knights of Tacoma: C. N. Daniels, E. T. Durgan, Henry Drum, E. R. Hare and W. G. Rowland. Noble F. B. Gault was named as Grand Potentate in the petition.

On Monday, September 17, 1888, the fraters named in the petition met at the Tacoma Hotel where Noble Frank S. Hastings of Abdallah Temple submitted his credentials as the authorized deputy of the Imperial Potentate to establish Afifi Temple. He delivered to Noble F. B. Gault the dispensation issued by the Imperial Potentate Sam Briggs, in which Noble Gault was confirmed as Grand Potentate and the other Nobles and Sir Knights names in the petition as Charter Members. Noble F. B. Gault was duly installed Grand Potentate and Sir Knights Daniels, Drum, Durgan, Hare and Rowland were obligated as Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

On the following night Afifi Temple met in the Masonic Hall in Tacoma. Illustrious Sir Gault occupied the Chair as Potentate and presided over the election of Nobles to serve on the Divan. Noble William J. Meade was elected Recorder. Nine Novices were present and received the secret work. The initiation fee was set at thirty-five dollars which included a fez. A motion was made and carried that there not be any annual dues. However, it is noted that the initiation fee was raised to fifty dollars in January 1889 and that the membership of the Temple was forty nobles.

Algeria Temple, Helena, Montana was the Mother Temple for Afifi in 1888.

The Charter for Afifi Temple was received from the Imperial Council as of June 17, 1889.

The Imperial Council sent a check in July in the amount of five hundred dollars to help the sufferers of the Seattle fire that year, that destroyed much of the business district.

There was a very slow increase in the membership of the Temple for the next ten years with a membership in 1901 of 329 members from all over the western part of the State, many from Seattle.

The Minutes during these years were very interesting and complete with much detail. Of interest are the following excerpts.

From the Minutes of Sept. 19, 1894 Stated Meeting. It was moved and carried that October 6th be set apart as Shrine Day at the Interstate Fair to be held near Tacoma. It was moved and carried that a procession occur previous to visiting the Fair and that the Officers parade in full regalia. The committee from the Temple reported that the management of the "Streets of Cairo" (at the Fair) would be willing to loan their camels and donkeys for the parade.

From the Minutes of Oct. 6, 1894
On this date took place the celebrated parade which preceded the visitation to the Interstate Fair. The oriental magnificence displayed dazzled the eyes of the on looking public. It formed on Pacific Ave. near the Northern Pacific Depot in order to be on hand to greet the Portland Nobles that had been invited from Al Kadar Temple to attend. The procession moved at 1:45 P.M. lead by a platoon of Police and followed by the Band. Noble "Abu Ac Mason" headed the mounted forces, mounted upon a \ camel and beating kettledrums. After him came "Hussel em Uhp Parker" (Otherwise known as Frank) mounted upon another camel beneath a canopy and representing the Potentate. Chief Rabban Demorest rode in a two-wheeled gig, gorgeously bedecked with bunting and looking every inch a Rabban. Noble S. C. Milligan, representing the Oriental Guide was mounted on a horse led by a Nubian for safety. Horse, Nubian and Noble Milligan were mixed between the Police and the Band. Nobles Mullen and Metcalf, as eunichs, each led a patient donkey upon which were seated Alchemists Dewey and Sprague. The balance of the elected Divan rode Arabian steeds with full costumes. The nobles followed on foot wearing their fezes and using tin horns and rattles to let people know that they were coming. Following came the Order of Elks as it was a joint procession. The parade proceeded up Pacific Avenue and disbanded at 9th and C Streets. As mentioned previously, Afifi Temple had many members that lived in the Seattle vicinity. Because of the problems traveling between Seattle and Tacoma in those days, 467 Afifi Shriners living in that area signed a petition for dispensation to the Imperial Council to form a Temple in Seattle. This dispensation was granted on July 15, 1908 to start Nile Temple in Seattle.

Year - 1910
Afifi Temple was the Mother Temple for Gizeh Temple in Vancouver, B. C. in 1902 and also for Nile Temple, Seattle in 1908. The Charter was issued to Nile Temple on June 9, 1909.

The Afifi Temple membership donated about twenty-five thousand dollars in 1907 to help distressed nobles in San Francisco after the disastrous fire. A sign of the times was that on May 10, 1910 the dues were increased to three dollars per year for members residing in Pierce County and two dollars per year for members residing elsewhere. the Board of three Trustees was set up on Dec. 1, 1915 during Potentate Frederic W. Keator's year and is still functioning.

The first Afifi trip to the Orient was made during Potentate Grover C. Nolte's year. There were 140 candidates initiated in Manila on Feb. 3, 1921, 75 initiated in Shanghai on Feb. 10 and 26 initiated in Yokohoma a week later..

Year - 1920
Afifi Temple was greatly honored when our Past Potentate Ellis Lewis Garretson was elected in 1920 as the Imperial Potentate of North America. The Imperial Sir had passed his State of Washington Bar Examination in 1893 and practiced law in Tacoma for twenty-nine years. He became a Master Mason in Lebanon Lodge, in Tacoma, in 1902 and successively filled all of the official positions, becoming Master of his Lodge in 1907. He was elected High Priest of Chapter No. 4, Royal Arch Masons and became a Knight of Ivanhoe Commandery, Knight Templar. He became a Scottish Rite Mason in 1902,and held all of the offices in the several bodies of that Rite. Imperial Sir Garretson joined the Afifi Shrine on April 24, 1903 and after filling the several subordinate offices, was elected and installed Potentate in 1908 and held that Office thru 1911.

Past Potentate Garretson in 1911 was elected to serve as the Imperial Captain of the Guard, being the second position in the official line. He was thereafter annually elected to each of the succeeding higher offices until he was elected in June, 1920, as the Imperial Potentate and served his full year. Noble Garretson died at his home on Gravelly Lake, near Tacoma, on March 14, 1922, at the age of 49 years.

During his reign as Imperial Sir he held the National Imperial Session in Portland, Oregon. Following the Portland meeting a trip was planned, leaving Tacoma on three steamships for Alaska. Many of the Afifi units were included and of course all of the Imperial Officer.

At a stated meeting held in Tacoma at the Masonic Temple on Sept. 30, 1920, Imperial Sir Garretson told of the resolution adopted at the last meeting of the Imperial Council upon recommendation of retiring Imperial Potentate Kendrick providing for the establishment of an Orthopedic Hospital for the treatment of crippled children. He had found that during his visits to Temples so far, that the proposed charity was very generally in fact universally approved and that Nobles were paying their assessments of two dollars each, not only promptly but gladly.

Another member of our Temple that deserves mentioning is Henry Drum. He was a charter member of the Afifi Temple, being number three on the membership roster. He was a charter member of Chapter No. 4, Royal Arch Masons in 1884 and the first High Priest. Noble Drum was Nestor of all Scottish Rite Masons of Tacoma and his patent was signed by Albert Pike. He was a Mason over seventy years, belonging to Blue Lodge No. 22, Tacoma. Noble Drum was the last living charter member of Afifi. He died on March 19,1950 at the age of 92 years.

A motion made by Past Potentate Ira L. Davisson, that the Temple furnish new silverware to the Portland Shrine Hospital was passed at the stated meeting on Sept. 27, 1923. Moving pictures of the construction and completion of the new hospital were shown together with pictures of the actual operations and treatment of the children.

A special meeting of Afifi Temple was held in the Social Hall of the Masonic Temple, Friday afternoon at one o'clock on December 7, 1923.

Petitions of 56 Knight Templar's and Scottish Rite Masons were read and were voted on and passed by the committee. A recess was then taken to carry out the following program:

3:00 P.M. Registration of Candidates.

5:00 P.M. Entertainment of Nile and Gizeh Temple's Bands and Patrols at a luncheon at the Masonic Temple banquet room, at the same hour the Imperial Potentate and party and officers of Nile and Gizeh Temple were entertained at an English Buffet Luncheon at the Tacoma Hotel by the Afifi Temple Divan and Past Potentates.

6:00 P.M. An elaborate dinner was given to the ladies of the Imperial party followed by a Theater party. The wives of the Afifi Temple Divan and Mrs. E. B. King acting as hostesses.

6:30 P.M. A parade was formed, preceded by the Afifi Temple Band and Patrol, escorting Nile and Gizeh Temple's Bands and Patrols, candidates and Nobles on a march through the business section of the city to the Armory, which had been especially decorated for the occasion.

7:30 P.M. All the officers taking their stations, the Imperial Potentate and party and visiting officers and Past Potentates of other Temples, were then escorted to the East and presented to the Illustrious Potentate F. D. Oakley by Scott Z. Henderson, Chief Rabban. The Potentate then proceeded with the First Section in full form. Special music being furnished by the Afifi Temple Chanters.

Between the First and Second Sections, the Imperial Potentate gave a most uplifting talk, at the close of which all candidates made the perilous journey across the hot sands and were invested with the arcanum of the Order and admitted to the gardens of refreshments and rest.

10:00 P.M. Adjournment to the Scottish Rite Cathedral where there was an elaborate banquet and entertainment in honor of the Imperial Potentate, atwhich time presentation was made to him on behalf of the Temple of a beautiful sterling silver Council set consisting of a bowl and candle sticks to match. There were 1234 guests seated at the banquet table. All seemed to be well filled and well pleased. The festivities ended in peace and harmony at 11:45 P.M.

On October 30, 1924
A motion was made to authorize the Potentate to contract or lease space in the new Hotel Winthrop for Afifi Temple headquarters and to be maintained by the Temple out of the General Fund. Motion was carried.

Roland H. Hartley, Governor of the State of Washington and Past Potentate of Zuhrah Temple, was very active and attended several Afifi Ceremonials in Tacoma and one in Vancouver, Washington in 1925. He was voted an honorary member of Afifi in May, 1925. Gov. Hartley first visited Afifi in 1895 when he was Potentate of Zurah Temple.

Year - 1926
In 1926 Afifi Temple again visited the Orient with P. P. Scott Z. Henderson acting as Potentate for the Ceremonials. 42 Candidates were put over the hot sands in Manila on Feb. 4,1926, 46 Candidates in Shanghai on Feb. 15th and 14 Candidates in Yokohama on Feb. 27th.

A very distinctive chair graces our Afifi Temple stage. A brass plaque on the front reads:

Presented to Afifi Temple by the Class OF 1926 Manila, P.I. The chair rests on a four foot square by eight inch high platform. The seat is approximately three feet wide. The back is paneled and about three feet wide and seven feet high and made of native hardwoods. A typical scene of the native Philippines is depicted on the back with individual palm trees on each side of the panel with their fronds expending out from the sides of the chair. The back itself has additional palm trees, a native house on stilts next to a river and with flying birds. All of the above scenery is embossed on the back.

It is a beautiful piece of art.
The Tacoma Masonic Corporation presented a communication which was read to the membership of Afifi Temple at a regular meeting on November 3, 1927.The message was that they required further funds to complete the New Masonic Temple building and a motion was made that each Afifi member pay one dollar annually out of the present dues now paid, effective Januarytable 1,1928. This was seconded and carried.

The first meeting of Afifi Temple held in the New Masonic Temple was on Thursday, Dec. 1, 1927, in the Roof Garden. A special session of the Temple was called at 1:00 P.M. on Dec. 3rd, in the Doric Room of the New Temple for balloting on petitions for candidates to be inducted into our Temple that day. This was adjourned until 8:00 P.M. in the New Masonic Temple Theatre.

At four in the afternoon, a parade thru downtown Tacoma consisting of the Afifi Band and followed by the massed colors, the First Afifi Patrol of Tacoma, the Second Afifi Patrol of Yakima, the Third Afifi Patrol of Vancouver and the Fourth Afifi Patrol of Grays Harbor. The Nomad Oasis camel "Afifi" was followed by fifty-six novices. The Divan and distinguished guests were escorted by the Nile Temple Band and Patrol, the Chanters andmore of the Nobility. They all returned to the new Temple where a six o'clock banquet was served to about twelve hundred nobles.

Year - 1930
At eight o'clock the Caravan was formed in the new Temple Theatre for the First and Second Sections of the Ceremonial. Of interest from the December 3, 1931 Minutes: a motion was made that Afifi Temple employ some one or several members of the Temple who are out of employment to canvas delinquent members locally until December 31, 1931. An amendment was offered: Such solicitor or solicitors to be selected by the Potentate and that a remuneration be allowed on the basis of ten percent of the collection made. A general discussion on this important matter of lapses followed and from which very excellent ideas were offered. (Nothing further was decided, regarding the above, at this meeting. Remember this is during the start of the Depression.)

P.P. Grover C. Nolle took the floor at the January 7, 1932 meeting in behalf of the unemployment situation and appealed to the Nobles as citizens of this community to lend their utmost aid in furthering the already outlined community plans for defraying the costs of providing ways for the unfortunate people who are in real need of the necessities of life.

At the January 5, 1933 Stated Meetings one Noble was fined twenty-five cents for not having his fez.

Afifi Temple's third pilgrimage to the Orient left Tacoma on Januarytable 7, 1933. There were four members of the Divan and the Captain of the Arab Patrol and thirteen other persons along. They arrived in Manila on January 29th where they held a Ceremonial and took in twenty-six candidates which was considered very good because of the economy. They left Manila on Feb. 2nd, made a short trip in Hong Kong and arrived in Shanghai on Feb. 6th. A Ceremonial was held on Feb. 7th and eighteen candidates were created. On the 9th of February they left on the Blue Express via Nanking to Tientsin, arriving on the 12th. The Ceremonial was held on the 15th and they had a parade with an excellent Chinese Band in the lead. There were seventeen candidates, several from the U.S. *"Can-do" Regiment stationed at Tientsin. The group left Tientsin on the 16th Steamer and rail and arrived in Yokohama on Feb. 21st. The Ceremonial was held on Feb. 24th and three were initiated. They left Yokohama on the 27th, traveling on the President Jackson. When they crossed the 180th Meridian on March 2nd they held another initiation, putting the Ship's Steward across the Hot Sands aboard ship and witnessed by all the Shriners aboard. An elaborate dinner was served for this occasion as both the Ship's Captain and Chief Engineer were Shriners. The trip ended in Seattle and Tacoma on March 10,1933.

From the 10/3/35 minutes
A very interesting feature, and significant to Afifi Temple, was the presentation by Walter Sutler of a large special Shrine Emblem made by a life prisoner years ago in the old Bilibid Prison al Manila, P.I., the emblem coming to Afifi Temple indirectly through the family of a former Captain of Ihe U.S. Army. Afifi Temple received a similar emblem by personal gift to it's officers in Manila on the occasion of their 1921 visitation there. A plaque read: "Presented to Afifi Temple to commemorate their first Pilgrimage to Manila, P. I. by the members of Bamboo Oasis, Desert of the Philippines, February Second, 1921. (These emblems are now on display upstairs in the Temple Divan Rooms.)

From January 5, 1939 Minutes
Noble Henry Drum, Charter Member No. 3 and Walter J. Thompson, Charter Member No. 8 were both present at the meeting and were recognized and received a big hand from the members. (Walter Thompson was later honored by having the Clover Park High School athletic field near Tacoma named for him.)

III. Sir Henry Foss announced at the March 6, 1941 meeting that the Afifi Temple would this year for the first time participate in the AnnualDaffodil Parade. The Temple would be represented by a suitable float and uniformed bodies.

Year - 1945
From January 4, 1945 Minutes
Walter H. Sutler who has served Afifi Temple in the most outstanding capacity as Ceremonial Director for many years, has asked to be relieved of the heavier responsibilities, but is willing to serve as "Ceremonial Director Emeritus".

The Can-do regiment is the 15th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Division

From Feb. 1, 1945 Minutes
P. P. Walter H. Mierow, newly elected Ceremonial Director, announced the formation of his newly organized wrecking crew. He cited that in his opinion that they were bringing together under this group forty men with ability to specialize in the developing of an outstanding Second Section in our forthcoming ceremonials.

A special meeting was held in Yakima on April 28, 1945 for the purpose of electing candidates and conferring the order in short form. Thirty candidates were present for the obligation. All petitioners were from Yakima and the surrounding area.

Ceremonial Meeting June 2,1945
Afifi Temple's Ceremonial known as the "Walt Sutter Ceremonial" established a precedent in the annals of this Temple as having brought forth the greatest number of applications and subsequent candidates for initiation of any ceremonial in the history of the Temple. A total of 420 were initiated. It was moved by Past Potentate Nolle at the Meeting of August 2, 1945 that the 1942, 1943 and 1944 dues and hospital assessment in Afifi Temple be remitted for those members of the Temple who were so unfortunate to have been interned or otherwise retained in the war zone of the Orient. Motion was carried. A ceremonial Meeting was held on Nov. 24, 1945. 204 Candidates were elected. The Prologue and First Section were held in the Temple Theatre at four in the afternoon. The Banquet was held in Fellowship Hall and the Second Section and the entertainment program in the State Armory beginning at 8:00 P.M.

From the Minutes of the March 7, 1946
Noble Rube Golliet, Assistant Rabban and chairman of the Activities Committee gave an interesting detailed resume of what is being planned in the way of the presentation and management by his committee under the auspices of Afifi Temple and to be known as The Afifi Circus and Carnival to be presented in the State Armory, Tacoma, on April 25, 26 and 27. Potentate Temme complimented Noble Golliet and his committee for their splendid endeavor and further added that the entire enterprise was well in hand and would establish undoubtedly a new accomplishment by the Temple, if this program materialized as it was intended to be.

From the Minutes of Sept. 5, 1946
Noble Reuben Golliet, Assistant Rabban and general chairman of our Circus Production last April, presented to the Nobility a final financial accounting in behalf of that enterprise which showed a net profit of $10,390.59. In conclusion he recommended the perpetuation of the similar Circus production as an annual event by the Temple.

From the Minutes of January 9, 1947
Potentate Archibald W. Howe in his first order of business announced his new appointee, Cecil B. Walrath to the position of Outer Guard. He also announced the following appointments: Chester A. Hogan, Chairman of the Potentate's Ball on May 2nd, Reuben E. Golliet, Chairman of the Second Annual Circus production the latter part of April and Frank N. Young, Chairman of Train Transportation.

From the Minutes of October 2,1947
In commemoration of the passing of our esteemed member and friend, Walter H. Sutter, the Patrol, Band and Wrecking Crew, all in uniform, stood at attention while III. Potentate Howe read a very selective eulogy to our departed member there upon followed by the Nobility coming to attention and all standing in silence.

In 1948 the III. Sir Reuben E. Golliet appointed Noble Chester A. Hogan as Outer Guard on the Divan and also appointed Noble Clinton C. Hull as publicity chairman for the 1948 Circus. There were three hundred and forty Nobles installed in the Afifi Temple.

Illustrious Potentate Herman A. Karlen of the Afifi Temple announced on 3/3/49, that plans were well underway for the Temple to hold its fourth annual Circus in the new Field House of the College of Puget Sound. A motion was made by P. P. E. K. Murray that fifty percent of the net profits be given to the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. P. P. Graver C. Nolle was recognized by the Chair and cited the necessity of securing a permit from The National Hospital Board lo conduct any manner of enterprise for raising money for the Hospitals. He cited too, the rule that if the enterprise is presented for charity in the name of the Shriners Hospitals, that all of the net proceeds must go to the Hospitals. P. P. Noble recommended that the Circus be conducted as a Shrine activity with no publicity whatsoever in the name of the Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children, and then in final analysis, the Temple give fifty percent of the net proceeds to the Hospitals if then and when so desired. The motion before the Temple, with subsequent amendment, was called up for vote and was passed by a strong majority.

There were also three hundred new Nobles brought into the Temple in 1949, and hospital donations for the year were $11,620.17, $5,000.00 going to the Spokane unit and $6,620.17 going to the Portland unit.

Year - 1950
The highlight of Illustrious Sir J. Donald Shotwell's year of 1950 was the trek to the 76th Imperial Council session in Los Angeles, June 19th thru the 22nd, honoring the Imperial Sir Harold Lloyd, the movie comedian. All of the Temple units traveled together by train and were housed in Long Beach, California. Noble Edward B. King, Past Potentate for the years 1916 thru 1920, and the senior emeritus member of our Temple to the Imperial Council for thirty-nine consecutive years, reported generally on his observations of the Session. P. P. Grover C. Nolle, junior emeritus representative of Afifi Temple to the Imperial Council cited his first trip to the Imperial Council in 1917 when the membership of the Shrine was much less and the attendance of Uniformed Bodies not too great. He brought out the marked contrast of the development of the Shrine and particularly as exemplified through the great array of Uniformed Units as had transpired down through this period of a third of a century and culminating in his opinion, as the peak of the grandeur of the Shrine as set forth in June, 1950, in Los Angeles. Noble Nolle was loud in his praise of this great spectacular pageant and became eloquent in his praise for the superb showing of the Uniformed Units of Afifi Temple.

In 1950 there were two hundred eighty-four Nobles admitted into the Temple and one hundred sixty-one Nobles lost to the Temple and a net gain of one hundred twenty-three, making the total membership in Afifi Temple of four thousand four hundred seventy four Nobles - See chart for comparison:

Year Nobles
1921 3,258
1931 2,531
1935 1,382
1940 1,701
1943 1,989
1944 2,354
1945 3,097
1946 3,656
1950 4,474
1953 4,624 Nobles
1957 4,848 (The most ever)
1965 4,174
1969 4,361
1975 4,071
1980 3,848
1985 3,633
1987 3,450

From the Sept. 3, 1953 Minutes
Ill. Sir Byron Oyster asked for reports of the past Imperial Session. Noble Chester A. Hogan briefed his remarks to a few statements of appreciation and gave a pronounced attitude of sincerity and thanks to the Temple for having extended him the recognition of the status of a representative to the Council. P. P. Grover C. Nolle from whom the Nobility always wishes lo hear, received a big hand immediately upon taking the floor. P.P. Nolle complimented the Temple upon their wisdom of the selection of Chic A. Hogan and starting him as a permanent representative lo the Imperial Council. Nolle expressed his personal opinion that the selection in his mind was so good that there could be no better choice and he further expressed his elation with high hopes for Hogan becoming a big man in Imperial Council circles.

From the June 5, 1954 Ceremonial Candidates Bulletin:

The rope is cruel to tender hands,
The feet are burned by desert sands,
Yet on they plod their weary way
To that fair land where Nobles play,
There is a lesson lo be learned,
The title NOBLE must be earned.

From the Minutes of Sept. 6, 1956
Potentate Cecil B. Walrath recognized Noble Ed Reames, President of the newly formed organization of "Greeters" who were making their initial appearance. They received a strong hand from the Nobility.

From the Minutes of Sept. 6, 1956
Noble Sam Geskow was recognized by the Chair as the President of the Mt. Tacoma Shrine Club. He extended an invitation to all to attend the forthcoming dinner party of his new Club at the Tacoma Sportsmen's Club Chateau.

From the Minutes of Nov. 1, 1956
P. P. Jack Galbraith was recognized and reviewed briefly the pilgrimage that was made by Afifi Temple to the Orient in 1933 and moved that Afifi Temple be authorized at this lime lo negotiate lo make a pilgrimage lo the Orient in 1957. The motion was well received on the floor and seconded and carried.

From the Minutes of March 7, 1957
Noble Clinton C. Hull became General Chairman of the Circus, taking over from III. Sir Chester A. Hogan who had held that position since 1948. During Potentate Hogan's year of 1957 there were three Ceremonials held. One in Yakima on May 2nd at which theretable were 46 candidates included, and Two in Tacoma, one on June 8th with 106 candidates and one on Dec. 7th with 63 candidates. The Nobility left Tacoma for the Orient on October 14, 1957 to visit Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo where Ceremonials were held in:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 19th 92
Hong Kong October 23rd 5
Taipei October 26th 24
Tokyo November 2nd 83
Total 204

From February 6, 1958 Minutes
Nobles, death and the dead are with us again. The Black Camel on his unceasing journey, has now called at the tents of two of our Past Potentates, Grover C. Nolle and Robert S. Temme. They sleep the sleep that knows no waking, but their spirits have winged their flight to that blissful Lodge which will remain open through the endless ages of eternity.

Grover Nolle was Potentate of our Temple at the age of 35 years, one of the youngest. His term coincided with that of Ellis Lewis Garretson, as Imperial Potentate from Afifi Temple. For over 35 years he served his Temple faithfully as representative, and he served Shrinedom in general throughout the United States as a member, and many times Chairman, of the powerful Jurisprudence and Laws Committee of the Imperial Council. He participated actively in the affairs of our Temple until his death on January 23,1958. As a member of the legal profession, he was preeminent and he handled many of the most important cases of his time.

"Bob" Temme served as Potentate after having gained wide acclaim as Exalted Ruler of the Tacoma Lodge of Elks. While he was born in Seattle, he joined the Masonic Lodge in Anchorage, Alaska, after which he moved to Tacoma to engage in business. During the war he became regional assistance auditor of the U. S. Maritime Commission. Bob served us as Potentate in 1946 with great credit to himself, and honor to the fraternity. In the life of the community in which he took such an active part, and especially as Commissioner of Public Safety for the City of Tacoma, he initiated many reforms and improvements which are still in effect. In the midst of life, duty and usefulness, he was overtaken by death on February 9, 1958.

Charles R. Wells installed as Potentate in January 1959

From the Minutes of March 5, 1959 - P. P. E. K.
Murray spoke to the Nobility about a Noble who had been a member of Afifi Temple close to fifty years and had also served the Temple in a credible manner for thirty years as Recorder and who now was closing his period of service for the Temple at the next Stated Meeting on April 2nd. P. P. Murray made a motion that a monthly stipend of $250.00 per month be paid to Floyd C. Kinnear as the retiring Recorder for the rest of his natural life. It was also moved that he be awarded the status of "Recorder Emeritus". Both motions were accepted by the Temple.

In 1959, Past Potentate Chester A. Hogan went to Atlantic City to attend the Imperial Council Session and to run for the Office of Imperial Outer Guard. He took with him the eight piece Temple Potentate's Band who represented him in the parade by riding and playing on the Board Walk of Atlantic City in four, three wheeled chairs pushed by attendants. P. P. Hogan was elected to the office on his first attempt which was a very difficult thing to do. On his return to Tacoma the Illustrious Sir Charles R. Wells, at the next Stated Meeting, requested P. P. Rube Golliet escort the newly elected Imperial Outer Guard Chester A. Hogan to the East where he received a Masonic welcome. Noble Hogan was called upon for a few remarks at which time he explained the workings of the Imperial Council. He thanked Noble Clinton Hull, Edward Reames and P. P. Edward B. King, who nominated him, and Nobles Golliet, Shotwell, Taylor, Murray and Walrath for their help during his campaign for office.

Year - 1960
During Illustrious Sir Ralph L. Johnstone's year of 1960 the Temple made another visit to the Orient. The 1960 Ceremonials were held in:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 22nd 61
Hong Kong October 26th 2
Taipei November 5th 17
Tokyo November 12th 51
Total 133

In 1961 when Fred O. Weber was the Illustrious Sir, there was a Ceremonial held in Yakima at which 67 candidates were induced and another at Tacoma in December at which 50 candidates also were inducted.

At the Stated Meeting on January 11, 1962, the new Potentate Wilfred G. Brown announced the formation of a Clown Unit with Noble William Groves as the Director.

At the Stated Meeting on May 3, 1962 information was given to the Nobility regarding the proposed trek to Pasco for a three day weekend Ceremonial with all of the El Katif Temple Units together with the Afifi Units participating. Potentate Wilfred Brown announced that there were 1200 rooms reserved for this affair. 97 Candidates were put over the "hot sands" from Afifi Temple at Pasco.

Past Potentate Ralph Johnstone, at the September Stated Meeting, announced the formation of a new Ritualistic Team for the Temple. He and Noble Joe Harbaugh were co-chairmen of the Team. Noble Joe stated that the forthcoming First Section in the December Ceremonial would be entirely new to Afifi Temple.

Potentate Wilfred Brown also started the Afifi News in January of his year. The Editors who have served are:

Year Noble
1962 Dr. Maurice Tweit
1963-67 Robert W. Bright
1968-74 Stanford Williams
1975 Wilfred G. Brown, P.P.
1976-82 Robert Whistler
1983 Robert Sconce
1984-88 Peter C. Miller

In 1963 the Illustrious Potentate J. Alden Woodworth had a pilgrimage to the Orient. The 1963 Ceremonials were held in:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 19th 63
Hong Kong October 23rd 2
Taipei October 2nd 17
Tokyo November 9th 64
Total 146

There were also two Ceremonials held in Tacoma at which 106 Nobles were admitted to the Temple.

Potentate Harold W. Meyer moved the regular Stated Meeting for May 7, 1964, from Tacoma to George's Broiler in Longview, after due notice was given to the membership through the Afifi News and the Tacoma News Tribune. There were well over 450 Nobles present.

Potentate Meyer also held Ceremonials at various Cities.
At Vancouver, Washington May 23, 1964, 58 Candidates.
At Yakima on October 1, 1964, 7 Candidates.
At Tacoma on December 5, 1964, 32 Candidates.

From the Feb. 4, 1965 Minutes
Potentate Walter Hogan recognized Noble Dr. Philip Grenley, Director of the Medical Staff who stated that the Medical Staff was now organized as a separate unit of the Temple. At the Ceremonial in Tacoma on June 5, 1965 there were 72 Candidates. At the Ceremonial in Tacoma on Dec. 4, 1965 there were 48 Candidates. 1966 was an exceptionally busy year for Afifi Temple. Dr. Brandt Bede, from Morton, Washington, was elected Potentate. At the first Stated Meeting, P. P. Frank Young made a motion that the Afifi Temple Units be allowed to attend the forthcoming Imperial Session in San Francisco on July 3rd to 7th and that $14,750.00 be appropriated for this trek from the Activity Fund to be used at the Potentate's discretion for this purpose. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

III. Sir Bede reminded the Nobility that this was the year for an Orient trek and that they would leave on October 11th.

There was a Ceremonial in Tacoma on May 28th during the PNSA at which 80 candidates were initiated.

Many of the Afifi Units left Tacoma for the Imperial Session at San Francisco by bus on Saturday, the first of July, taking two days of fun and merriment to get there. The Temple was well represented by all of the Units. The day Parade on Tuesday, the 4th of July, started at 9:30A.M. and was completed about 7:30 P.M.

The Orient Trek left Tacoma on October 11th to put on the 1965 Ceremonials as follows:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 15th 104
Bangkok October 20th 18
Hong Kong October 26th 1
Taipei October 5th 37
Tokyo November 12th 57
Total 217

This was a very successful Trek.

Potentate Bede had a Ceremonial on Dec. 3, 1966, in Tacoma, with 32 Candidates initiated, to close a very busy year.

Year - 1967
The year of 1967 was very quiet compared to 1966, a chance for the Temple to relax and regroup. Our new Potentate George H. Salzer, a fine speaker, kept the Temple running on schedule and had Ceremonials in June and December at which 112 Candidates were inducted into the Temple.

Year - 1968
In 1968 Harold T. Jordan, of Longview, was elected Potentate and it was during his year that one of the biggest events in the history of Afifi Temple took place. That of the installation of Past Potentate Chester A. Hogan of Afifi Temple as the Imperial Potentate of North America.

A resolution was passed March 7, 1968 that $30,000 be appropriated from the Activity Fund to pay expenses for this trek to Chicago in July.

The Afifi Temple Units left Tacoma on three chartered planes and were housed at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago for the five nights of the Session. When a Temple is honored with an Imperial Potentate to be installed, everything is first class. Afifi Temple was placed in the second position for the Day Parade on Tuesday and in the first position for the Night Parade on Thursday.

The installation festivities took place on Wednesday at the Medina Shrine Temple in Chicago. The stage was covered with Puyallup Daffodils with a huge backdrop showing fields of daffodils and Ml. Rainier in the background. The Afifi Band played and the Arab Patrol of Tacoma were the escorts for the dignitaries. It was a beautiful sight and made the Afifi contingent very proud.

The Illustrious Sir Harold Jordan also held Cold Sands Ceremonials in Longview, Centralia, Raymond and Tacoma inducting 70 candidates into the Temple and one full Ceremonial in December with 41 candidates.

At the Stated Meeting on Feb. 6, 1969, the new Illustrious Sir Neil D. Gray introduced P. P. Aurie Thompson of Nile Temple who was the Director General of the Imperial Council for the 1969 Session to be held in Seattle. He said that Nile, Afifi and El Katif Temples would co-host the Imperial Session from June 28th to July 3rd.

A special meeting was held on June 26th for the purpose of balloting on 121 petitions from Afifi for initiation at the Imperial Session in Seattle where the Imperial Sir Chester A. Hogan would be retiring from that office.

There were so many visiting nobles and their families coming to Seattle that they had to be housed as far north as Bellingham and in Centralia to the south. Everything went well for Afifi Temple during the Session. As in Chicago, the host Temple led off the Day Parade with all of their Units and Afifi had that honor.

A large group of Afifi nobles and their ladies were led on a trip to the Orient by the Past Imperial Sir Chester A. Hogan and by Potentate Neil D. Gray. They left Tacoma on October 14th by plane to Honolulu, then to Guam and finally to Manila where a Ceremonial was held for 93 candidates. The group then went to Hong Kong to initiate 5 candidates. A few days later they arrived in Bangkok, Thailand and had another Ceremonial, the number of candidates was not shown in the Minutes. The tour group went to Taipei, Republic of China, and initiated 35 candidates. The Ceremonial Banquet was held at the beautiful Grand Hotel where two plaques were presented to the General and President of the Republic of China, Chang Kai-Shek in appreciation of their services to the group. The tour closed with a Ceremonial in Tokyo with 78 candidates being initiated.

Year - 1970
At the Stated Meeting on January 8, 1970 at which time the Illustrious Sir Fred L. Wilvers became Potentate of Afifi Temple, the Recorder Edward L. Reames who had held that office since April, 1959, resigned after eleven years of fine service to the Temple. He was replaced by the election of Noble Russell H. Michael as Recorder.

A Ceremonial was held in Reno, Nevada, on June 12 to 14th. Afifi joined with the Western Shrine Association Temples and 126 candidates joined Afifi at that time.

P. P. Cecil Walrath retired as the National Director of the Royal Order of Jesters in July 1970.

Past Potentate Neil Gray and Noble Bud Roberts were co-chairmen for an All-Star Football Game which was played on August 21, 1970.

In October of 1968 the Elective Divan had been appointed as a special committee to consider the general subject of a new Mosque for Afifi Temple. They concluded their first meeting by asking that the committee be continued and that the nobility render suggestions and comments. After considerable study and effort on the committee's part, a resolution was passed at the Stated Meeting on Nov. 5, 1970 to purchase jointly with the Scottish Rite of Tacoma, a tract of land in Tacoma for $175,000, on which the Mosque could be built. The cost of this land was to be evenly split between the two Bodies. There were approximately twenty-four acres involved.

By June 1970 more than $5,000 had been raised by rummage sales and the money was presented to the Imperial Sir J. Worth Baker for the Hospitals.

At the December Ceremonial honoring P. P. Cecil Walrath, more than $30,000 was presented to Potentate Wilvers for our Hospitals with $9,600 earmarked to purchase thirty-seven beds for the Portland Unit.

Brooks K. Johnson was elected Potentate in 1971. His father, Charles W. Johnson, was Potentate of Afifi Temple in 1951 and also Grand Master of Masons during 1962 and 1963 in Washington and Alaska.

During 1971 the new Mosque Committee, under the leadership of Past Imperial Potentate Chester A. Hogan, was diligently working to find means to raise the necessary monies to build the new Mosque. P.P.'s Bill Brown and Fred Wilvers were in charge of this project.

Year - 1972
The Illustrious Sir Brooks Johnson decided not to have the usual Potentate's Ball but instead he reserved all the facilities and 450 motel rooms at Ocean Shores for the weekend of May 14th. This event was well attended and very enjoyable.

Afifi Temple Units attended the PNSA in Vancouver, B. C., June 3rd to 5th and had the enjoyable experience of staying in a dormitory at the University of British Columbia. A good time was had by all.

In 1972 the Illustrious Sir Gene B. Lock headed all of the Units of Afifi Temple to a Western Shrine Association Convention in Los Angeles. This event was held May 9th to 12th and Afifi had 36 candidates initiated there.

At a joint Ceremonial with El Katif Temple of Spokane, held in Yakima on June 9th and 10th, there were 57 candidates inducted into Afifi Temple.

Noble Bud Roberts on Oct. 5,1972 as Co-Chairman of the All-Star Football Game in Tacoma, presented to the Potentate two checks in the amount of $3,500 each to be given to the Portland and Spokane Shrine Hospitals. This amount being the profit for this year's game.

Potentate Lock took a large group to the Orient in October and November, 1972. The cities visited were as follows:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 14th 45
Hong Kong October 16th 4
Bangkok October 21st 22
Taipei October 28th 52
Seoul October 30th 33
Tokyo November 4th 47
Total 203

The Afifi Temple Brass Band unveiled their new forty foot trailer Band Wagon at the Daffodil Parade in April, 1973. The trailer was towed by Noble Howard Post with his decorated truck and made the former long march thru Tacoma, Puyallup. and Sumner very enjoyable for the band members. This Band Wagon was completely constructed by the Band members.

On August 6, 1973, the groundbreaking ceremony took place with all of the Mosque Building Committee, headed by Past Imperial Sir Chester A. Hogan and the Illustrious Sir Donald A. Heerema wielding shovels. The construction contract was awarded to a Puyallup firm with a completion date of 150 days.

At the October 4, 1973 Stated Meeting, the Assistant Rabban Bud Roberts presented a check for $8,000.00 to Potentate Heerema as the proceeds from the All Star Football Game played in August.

Our new Illustrious Sir William A. Kunigk for 1974 said that his Potentate's trip was to be to Acapulco, Mexico by ship from Vancouver, B. C. and leaving in October. This was a 17 day excursion.

It was announced in March by the New Mosque Fund Chairman, P. P. Fred Wilvers, that the fund was nearing $140,000 in gifts, about half way to go. The Mosque Building Committee is planning for the new building to be ready for the May, 1974 Stated Meeting.

Our Noble Harold Makinster was elected President of the National Association of Shrine Oriental Bands for 1974 at the Imperial Shrine Session. Potentate A. J. "Bud" Roberts held a joint Ceremonial with Kerak Temple of Reno, Nevada, in Reno on June 13 and 14, 1975. There were 114 candidates from Afifi initiated. All of the Units attended and a great time was had by all, even those who contributed their monies to the games and machines. Afifi Temple again visited the Orient in October and November. The 1975 Ceremonials were held as follows:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 18th 45
Bangkok October 25th 9
Hong Kong October 27th 6
Taipei November 1st 34
Seoul November 30th 23
Tokyo November 8th 49
Total 166

At the Stated Meeting on Feb. 5, 1976 the Illustrious Sir Frank S. Elliott appointed Noble Jerry Carr as his chairman for the Potentate's Hawaiian Honeymoon Tour to Honolulu in October 1976. The honeymoon theme was because Noble John Zonich of Kelso and his lovely bride to be were married aboard the 747 on the way over to Hawaii, by Chaplain Harold C. Williams of Afifi Temple. This was a wonderful trip and well attended.

There were 87 Candidates inducted into the Temple on June 6,1976 at Tacoma.

Noble Louis W. Mazza became our Potentate for 1977 at our January Meeting.

The 1977 P.N.S.A. gathering was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from June 9 to 11 and most of the Afifi Units made the trip. Many Nobles and their wives made this trek into a longer vacation trip.

The Illustrious Sir Louis Mazza had a trip to Rio in October. It was well attended but marred by a tragic bus accident on the trip back from the visit to the Statue of Christ. Three people were killed and several injured.

To the theme of "To a Great 78" the Illustrious Sir Leif M. Andersen was installed 1978. He announced a special party entitled "Potentate's Weekend" at Ocean Shores June 2, 3 and 4. Potentate Andersen is making this into the Spring Ceremonial with a "Cold Sands" event for the large class of Candidates.

Afifi Temple was saddened by the news that P. P. Louis Mazza, Potentate for 1977 had ridden the black camel on May 31, 1978. He was very well liked by all of the Nobility. There were seventy-five candidates at the Ocean Shores Weekend Party and together with several hundred Nobles and wives, were treated to a spectacular event.

From the tenth of October to the fifth of November, the Illustrious Sir and a large group of Nobles and ladies made a Trek to the Orient. They visited the usual six Cities and had Ceremonials in each.

Potentate Edward V. Hudson was installed on January 4, 1979 and started his year with announcements of his various planned activities. First of all was his Potentates Ball on February 24th at the Red Lion Inn near the Sea-Tac Airport. Following that, he proposed a trip to the Caribbean in October. To San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas by air and to Nassau from Florida by ship. An eight day trip.

Year - 1980
The Illustrious Sir Ed had a Ceremonial on June 2nd in Vancouver, Washington. Noble Harry Jorgenson was the chairman of this one day event.

Over two hundred Nobles from Afifi attended the P.N.S.A. in Boise, June fourteenth thru the sixteenth.

The Illustrious Sir James G. Harmon, Potentate of Afifi for 1980 had plenty of help to carry him thru the year. He appointed twelve Aides that were all good workers.

Potentate Harmon had a cruise planned for October on the stern wheeler "Mississippi Queen". From New Orleans to Vicksburg and return to New Orleans, a nine day trek.

At the end of January, 1980, our Treasurer P. P. J. Alden Woodworth, who had held that office for sixteen years, resigned for health reasons. Noble John H. Blair was appointed by the Illustrious Sir to fill that vacancy. P. P. Woodworth passed away in November 1980. A great loss, as he did so many good things for the Temple.

In writing the history of the Afifi Temple it has to be noted how much effort the Director's Staff put in each year since 1941 to construct the float for the Daffodil Parade in Tacoma. Many times they have received the Sweepstakes Award which is the highest award. The members of this Unit put in thousands of man-hours for about three months getting the float ready.

It is a difficult task to remember to include everyone who should be recognized. One of those is our fine Chaplain, Harold C. Williams who was appointed in 1966 by Potentate Brandt Bede. Chaplain Harold Williams has put on a Necrology Service for several years that has been outstanding like everything he does.

In 1981 Robert L. Peters of Tacoma was elected Potentate of Afifi Temple. The Elected Divan and their ladies together with the Afifi Arab Patrol and many additional Nobles and ladies flew to Anchorage, Alaska for the Winter P.N.S.A. in February. It was a fun trip with the Illustrious Sir Bob Peters winning a dog sled race between the visiting Potentates.

P. P. Wilfred "Bill" Brown of Afifi and P. P. Bob Peters of El Katif Temple were named co-chairmen of the trek to Pasco for a joint Ceremonial in June. In 1962 when they were elected Potentates of their respective Temples they had also held a joint Ceremonial in Pasco.

The Pasco Ceremonial was a spectacular event being actually held on the desert outside of Pasco. All of the Units from each Temple participated and it was particularly colorful with the horse patrols in bright costumes riding across the sands.

The Illustrious Sir Robert L. Peters of Afifi and a group of over eighty Nobles and ladies left Sea-Tac Airport on October 12, 1981 for the Orient. Ceremonials were held in the following Cities:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 17th 67
Bangkok October 24th 4
Hong Kong October 29th 2
Taipei October 31st 7
Seoul November 5th 17
Tokyo November 8th 26
Total 123

The Illustrious Sir Harry Jorgenson, Afifi Potentate for 1982, invited all the nobility to join him on his trek to Padre Island, Texas, on October 16 to 24, 1982

A ceremonial, with all of the Afifi Units attending, was held in Yakima on June 12, 1982. There were many new Nobles inducted into Afifi.

Noble Richard Matheson replaced the First Ceremonial Master Dee Ellis who was forced to move to Medford, Oregon for business reasons.

Philip Grenley, M.D., was elected the Illustrious Potentate on January 6th, 1983 at the Stated Meeting and installed by Afifi's own Past Imperial Sir Chester A. Hogan. Potentate Grenley declared that 64% of the Masons in the State of Washington are not Shriners and his slogan was "Membership is the key in 83".

The new Portland Unit of the Shriners Hospital was occupied in May, 1983 with a grand ceremony and with representatives from many Temples.

A Cold Sands Ceremonial was held at Tacoma on June 4th with a class of over forty candidates. The Temple Units then attended the P.N.S.A. in Spokane, June 9th thru 11th.

The Wenatchee Shrine Club sponsored a cruise on Lake Chelan aboard the "Lady of the Lake", a charter boat. They cruised from the town of Chelan to Stehekin, fifty-five miles up the lake. The Illustrious Sir Philip Grenley enjoyed the trip and the party following.

In August the Potentate invited the nobility to join with him on a trip to Alaska on the S. S. Rotterdam. This trek was well attended and very enjoyable.

Afifi Temple had one hundred and forty-seven new nobles affiliated and made the slogan "Membership is the key in 83" come true.

Our newly elected Potentate for 1984 was Harold R. Makinster from Longview. He had a novel theme of "Know the Score for 84". Having been the Director of the Oriental Band for many years he incorporated a musical score with notes as his Shrine Pin.

The Afifi Temple Past Masters Unit was formed on September 6th and had thirty-seven Charter Members. It is a fine addition to Temple Units.

On July 28th, a Family Picnic event was held at the Mosque. The Grays Harbor Shrine Club put on their famous salmon barbeque, and many of the other Units had booths and other attractions to lend color to the event.

The Afifi Temple had their turn for the Orient Trek and left in early October 1984. Ceremonials were held in the following Cities:

Location Date Candidates
Manila October 20th 75
Bangkok October 27th 7
Hong Kong October 30th 7
Taipei October 16th 6
Seoul October 13th 13
Tokyo October 10th 7
Total 115

The P. P. James G. Harmon died of a heart attack in April, 1984. He was very well liked by the nobility and is missed by all.

One of our most active Nobles became Potentate of Afifi Temple on January 10, 1985. His name is Walter Leroy (Liver) Oliver and he was born in Aberdeen and was very active in that community. The Nobility expected an exciting year under his command and they were not disappointed.

Potentate Oliver was a Mickey Mouse fan and had a room in his home with thousands of Mickey Mouse items. Consequently, his theme for his Potentate's Ball was carried out in the Mickey Mouse pattern and gifts to him during the year were the same.

The Temple Units attended the P.N.S. A. in Casper, Wyoming in June and had a typical Shrine convention.

In October the Potentate scheduled a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico for eight days. Approximately two hundred Nobles and ladies attended this trek and enjoyed it all.

Noble Dee Ellis who left the Divan a few years ago to move to Oregon, returned this year and was reappointed as First Ceremonial Master.

The year 1986 saw another very industrious Afifi Noble step up to the office of Potentate. He was Joe R. Devish of Tacoma, an electrical contractor.

This was Afifi's turn to host the P.N.S.A. and the Illustrious Sir had great plans. He announced that most of the activities would be held at the Puyallup Fair Grounds, formally known as the Western Washington Fair Grounds, and that he had appointed P. P.

Bob Peters of Afifi as the Director General. He also appointed P. P. Bill Brown of Afifi to be the Deputy Director General. This P.N.S.A. was very well attended by the other Member Temples and everything went off very smoothly.

In order to rest up from the very successful P.N.S.A., the Illustrious Sir Joe Devish offered a Trek to Hawaii for ten days in October. Many of the Nobility and ladies enjoyed themselves on the trip.

Year - 1987
Edvald C. Warner of Tacoma took over the reins of the Temple as Potentate for 1987. Potentate Ed Warner announced that he would make a Ceremonial Tour of the Orient in October and urged the Nobility to join with him. It was very sad for all of the Nobility to later learn that the Illustrious Sirs Lady, Doris, became ill and neither were able to make the Orient Trek.

Plans were announced that the Afifi Mosque Building Committee were going ahead with their plans to enlarge the office space and lobby and also put a Potentate's office upstairs. This will certainly improve the looks of the Temple.

The Temple nobility welcomed our Illustrious Sir Dee C. Ellis on January 7, 1988. He was installed by the Past Imperial Sir Chester A. Hogan of Afifi Temple. Potentate Ellis announced his Trek was to be to Nassau in the Bahamas in October and invited all to attend.

The Illustrious Sir said that he had asked P. P. Wilfred "Bill" Brown to again chair the Potentate's Ball committee. Incidentally, this is Bills 36th consecutive year.

Another Unit to be known as Legion of Honor is joining the Temple. This Unit will join 128 others in Shrine Temples in the United States.

On January 5, 1989 the Temple welcomed Myron E. Heiberg as the 89th Potentate of Afifi Temple and to start off the celebrating of Afifi's Centennial year.

It wasn't all joyous as we said good by to our fine Recorder, Clayton C. McKean, who resigned as of this meeting. A resolution was read making "Big Mac" an Emeritus Recorder. Clayton McKean is only the 10th Recorder since 1888. Noble Don Nau was elected to succeed him.

"Es Selamu Aleikum! (Peace be with you!)

AFIFI's Centennial year started with the 100 year "yearbook" which included pictures and short history of AFIFI units and the photos of Nobles and their Ladies. The history of AFIFI was done by Noble John Blair who spent many months searching old records, dusty pages of old books, the 100 years of the minutes of the Stated Meetings of AFIFI. All our members owe Noble John Blair a hearty "thank you".

The Imperial Sir Edward G. McMullen visited AFIFI Temple on 19 Jan 1989. The Divan and the Pipers were his hosts for this occasion.

On 15 April 1989 the Potentate's Ball was held in the Executive Inn in Fife. Our Potentate Myron Heiberg and his Lady Ardelle were honored. The theme was "Down Under".

The Masonic Family Centennial Float took shape in early 1989. The AFIFI Temple Director's Staff led by Director Gordon Wood did the rough construction. Other detail work led by Donn Brunson with staff help brought to fruition the completed float. A warehouse in Federal Way donated for the work by Noble Wendall Kueker of the Provo Guard furnished the space needed for this work. This float has been well received in the many parades in Washington State.

The first three days of June 1989, our Potentate, Illustrious Sir Myron E. Heiberg and his Lady Ardelle led the AFIFI Nobles on the P.N.S.A. to Vancouver, Canada. This PNSA was hosted by Gizeh Temple.

The 44th Circus was held on 7-9 April 1989 in the UPS Fieldhouse. Mert Felix, Chairman and Jim Duplain, Co-Chairman.

On 17 June 1989 (our 100th Anniversary) a fine dinner was enjoyed by all at the Executive Inn in Fife, Washington. The keynote speaker was Imperial Chief Rabban, Joseph P. Padget.

Past Potentate Illustrious Sir Gene B. Lock of Yakima, Washington passed away on 5 July 1989 while attending the Imperial Session as a Delegate Emeritus in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On 9 July 1989 Past Imperial Potentate Chester A. Hogan died. He was Potentate of AFIFI in 1957. He was elected Imperial Sir in 1968. It was he that started the AFIFI Circus tradition in 1946.

From 15-29 Sept. 1989 a trek to the "Down Under" Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed by Illustrious Sir Myron Heiberg and his Lady Ardelle accompanied by many AFIFI members and their spouses.

For those of you who might be interested there have been 18,578 Nobles created or affiliated in AFIFI since the first member W. W. Sly received the number one (1). Once a number is assigned to a Noble that number is his and his alone. Honorary members do not receive numbers but Associate members do. The Charter members of AFIFI did not receive numbers.

Year - 1990
The Westwater Inn in Olympia was the scene of the Potentate's Ball on 10 March 1990. Illustrious Sir Wayne G. Peters and his Lady Esther were honored. The theme was "Gateway to the Orient".

On 6-8 April 1990 our Shrine Circus was held at the UPS Fieldhouse. Mert Felix, Chairman and Jim Duplain, Co-Chairman. 45th Circus. On 21-26 May 1990 the P.N.S.A. was held in Spokane, Washington. Our host temple was El Katif.

P.P. Cecil Burton Walrath passed away on 27 May 1990. He was our Potentate in 1956.

8 Oct. through 1 Nov. 1990 saw AFIFI on a trek to the Orient. On 10 Oct. 1990 four new candidates were enrolled in Tokyo. On 13 Oct. eight candidates were enrolled in Seoul, three in Taipei on 16 Oct., 85 candidates on 20 Oct. in Olongapo, Philippines. The next day four received their fezes in Singapore. On 27 Oct. two candidates in Bangkok and on 31 Oct. nine candidates were fezed in Hong Kong.

1991 - On 9 March 1991 the Potentate's Ball was held at the Westwater Inn in Olympia, Washington to honor Illustrious Sir Ray K. Embree and his Lady Nelda. The theme was "Caribbean Cruise".

On 6-7 April 1991 at the UPS Fieldhouse the AFIFI Circus with Jim Duplain as Chairman came to town.

On 13-16 June 1991 P.N.S.A. in Billings, Mt. Our host was Al Bedoo.

6 July 1991 AFIFI lost many members when a new temple was formed in Yakima, Washington. It is temple #191 and is called Masada after Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand.

From 27 Oct. to 3 Nov. 1991 our Illustrious Sir Potentate Ray K. Embree and his Lady Nelda along with many members took a cruise to San Juan-Barbados-Martinique-St. Maarten-Antigue and St. Thomas on the Ship Starwood.

Year - 1992
On 14 March 1992 the Potentate's Ball was held at the Westwater Inn in Olympia, Washington. The Theme was "Hawaiian Cruise". Little Christmas trees were given away in small containers. At this writing (August 1994) some of these trees are over six feet in height.

12-14 June 1992 there was a five temple "Desert Sands" Ceremonial in Pasco. El Katif was host. AFIFI, along with El Kader, Hillah and Masada were invited to participate. A Shrine-O-Rama was held and next a parade in Kennewick. Then to a secret desert location where mounted men in full desert(Arab) regalia patrolled along the heights to guard against cowans and eavesdroppers. This ceremonial would be one to remember for a long time.

April 1992. This was the first year that AFIFI participated in the paper crusade. Donald Nunn was general chairman.

On 24 Feb. 1992 the Daffodil Valley Shrine Club was formed at Anton's Restaurant in Puyallup. Noble Bill Hammontree was elected President. Illustrious Sir Jean S. Kimbel installed the President and other officers on 23 March 1992. (Note) At this writing the Club has ceased to exist due to lack of participation. As in other such clubs and/or units, members have difficulty juggling their membership in too many clubs or units.

The Circus was held at the UPS Fieldhouse (47th) with Jim Duplain as Chairman and Jim Conklin as Co-Chairman. 4-5 April 1992.

27-29 Aug. 1992 the PNSA was held in Edmonton, Canada. Al Shamal Temple was host. The drive up through Jasper/Banff to Edmonton and back through Glacier National Park was well worth the trip. In the parade the colors were carried as follows:

William J. Bower, Moila Temple, St. Louis, MO carried the AFIFI colors. John Ward, Sr. of Khedive Temple, Virginia Beach, VA carried the US Colors. Warren D. Olson of AFIFI Temple, Tacoma, WA carried the Canadian Colors with Melvin Bennitt as sword guard. He is a member of the AFIFI LOH. The color guard was commanded by Jay H. Brower, AFIFI LOH.

1-8 Nov. 1992. The Caribbean Cruise on the ship "Starward" which sailed from San Juan to Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas, Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Led by Potentate Illustrious Sir Jean S. Kimbel and his Lady June. Unless you have been on a cruise ship you would not appreciate the pampering one gets after coming aboard. If you don't gain weight in all probability you have an eating problem.

Dec. 1992 saw AFIFI with their Festival of Lights for the first time. With approx., 60 figures and 35,000 lights spread over three acres this was a sight to behold. Built by Shriners of AFIFI. Opened on 29 Nov. 1992through2 Januarytable 1993. Chair: Noble Donn Brunson; builder; Noble Gordon Wood; Director of Promotion, Noble Luther Fanning.

1993 - We lost two of our Past Potentates early in the year. On 21 March 1993 P.P. Edvald C. Warner died and in April 1993 Dr. Brandt A. Bede died.

Year - 1993
In March 1993 AFIFI held the Vidalia onion sales which proved to be very successful.

On 6 April 1993 Imperial Sir Everett M. Evans and his Lady Maxine visited AFIFI Temple in the greyhound bus. The bus was purchased for the Imperial Sir's use in an effort to reach Nobles in the more rural areas of our country.

2-4 April 1993 in the UPS Fieldhouse AFIFI held the 48th Circus. Jim Duplain was Chairman and Jim Conklin as Co-Chairman.
On 22 May 1993 the Potentate's Ball was held at the Westwater Inn in Olympia, Washington. The theme was "Orient Trek".

From 9 June through 12 June 1993 the P.N.S.A. was held in Casper, Wyoming with Korein Temple as host. The drive through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and the hospitality in Casper was well worth the trip. Our Clowns took top award in the competition. The cannon took first place in the parade. The AFIFI Patrol placed third and the AFIFI Oriental Band placed 1st Casper for small bands.

The paper drive took place on 25 Sept. 1993. Another fund raiser for the Hospital which has proved successful.

On 19 Oct in Hong Kong AFIFI gained 13 new Nobles and in Olangapo City in the Philippines AFIFI gained 50 new candidates.

On 30 Nov. 1993 our membership stood at 2500 Nobles. As in all organizations, membership is the key to success. Will 30 Nov. 1994 show a loss or a gain? Time will tell.

Dec. 1993 the Festival of Lights was held in the Temple Area. Noble Donn Brunson and Noble Luther Fanning were the driving force for fund raising efforts for the Temple again this year.

Year - 1994
12 Feb. 1994. This was the night of the "Sweethearts Ball". The theme was used throughout the hotel in the area of the ball and stairs. This to honor the Potentate, Illustrious Sir William (Bill) Scott and his Lady Dottie. Noble Holly Butler and his family did all the decorations. Very, very nice.

March and April 1994 was the sweet smell of Vidalia Onions at the Temple. This onion is known throughout the world as a sweet onion. With units and clubs and volunteers, most of the onions were gone in a short time.

On 7 April 1994 the ladies were invited to share in our stated meeting. The affair was called the Daffodil Social. Perhaps there will be others in the future. Very well attended.

On 26 April 1994 Tex Beneke and his Orchestra entertained at the Temple Theater. This band and the music were made famous by the late Glenn Miller.

The 49th AFIFI Circus was held on 25-26 June at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma See following page for the locations and dates of other circuses that were hosted by AFIFI Temple, AFIFI Units and Clubs. Noble Dwight B. Hamilton, Chairman.

From 9 through 12 June AFIFI had a golf tournament and a Reno night. This was held at Ocean Shores. Everyone who attended had a good time. This is another opportunity to be used again in future years. A four man team from Grays Harbor won. They are: Chuck & Mark Swanson and George Powers allied with Bill Jensen.

1 -7 July 1994. A first for AFIFI and also a first for the Imperial:
Imperial Council Session, Denver, Colorado. AFIFI Temple was honored by the Imperial Potentate Elect Burton Ravellette, Jr., when he asked our Potentate William H. "Bill" Scott to bring the AFIFI Legion of Honor Sword Team to Denver. Fifty State Flags were brought in by bearers of Murat Temple Legion of Honor, Indianapolis, Indiana. AFIFI LOH Sword Guard Captained by Graham G. Kent escorted the Imperial Sir into the auditorium. After halting the LOH team was faced inward and formed an arch of steel for the Imperial Sir to be escorted through to the stage. The AFIFI LOH is commanded by Col. Carl L Edensword. For the sake of history will name the guard for this occasion: John C. (Jack) Taylor, PC; Robert E. (Bob) Angel, Morris Worsham, 2nd Lt. of Sword Team; Lloyd W. (Bud) Wallace, Jay H. Brower, Claude S. Cunningham, Melvin E. Bennitt, P.C. Warren D. Olson (Divan) and James E. Childs. After the presentation the team was dismissed and left the room. Seats were held for the team so that they could witness the installation. This was a standing room only affair. The room was packed.

From 20 to 23 July 1994 the PNSA was held in Bellevue, Washington. The host was Nile Temple of Seattle. Many people enjoyed the yellow school bus rides to various attractions.
Still to come in 1994 as this goes to press are:

On 24 Sept. 1994 the Paper Crusade.
In Oct. 1994 the visit of the Imperial Sir Burton Ravellette, Jr.
On 9-16 1994 a cruise to the fabulous Mexican Riviera.

Again in December the Festival of Lights.
As told in this history by John Blair, AFIFI has much to remember when the name of Ellis Lewis Garretson is mentioned He was a Past Potentate of AFIFI Temple and the Imperial Sir in 1920. As the Imperial Sir it was he that appointed seven Nobles to a committee. They met in St. Louis 30 Oct. 1920. Their job was to build a hospital for crippled children. On that committee was another Noble from AFIFI. His name was Bishop Frederick W. Keator. (Nothing in the AFIFI records on him). On the committee of seven there was only one doctor. The rest is history. From that modest beginning the Shrine of North America has become the "World's Greatest Philanthropy".

"Aleikum es Selamu!"(With you be peace!)

Jay H. Brower
Historian, Pro-Tem
This history was copied from Volume #2 of the Afifi Temple Year Book 1994.